As we face the Gulf in spring and summer, the sun sets over our shoulder. In fall and winter, it sets brilliantly over the Gulf. At Bud & Alley’s Restaurant, we ring the bell daily when the sun sinks below the horizon in celebration of the spectacular sunsets that take place on 30A. In Sunsets of 30A, Cindy has given it the exposure (pun intended!) it deserves on every page.
~Dave Rauschkolb | owner and operator of Bud & Alley’s Restaurant

   The sun disappearing into the Gulf is a joy to behold. Whenever possible, I find a vantage point and look to the west. If inspired, I take a photograph. And on the pages of Sunsets of 30A, you see that a lot of kindred spirits do the same. This book will be a treasure to own, and I bet you’ll be inspired, too.
~Lynn Nesmith | author of 30A Style

From the Photographers

   So proud of you...The book is amazing and I can't thank you enough for including me a dream come true
~Van Bradford Strickland

   Snap! The right place at the right time!

~Nancy Ann Furby | Blue Mountain Beach

   Our family calls this Nana’s pier because as a young girl, my 77-year-old mother and the grandmother of 11 often jumped from here.

~Lea Easter | Inlet Beach

   Sand as white as snow – winter on 30A is the perfect ‘snow day!

~Donna Weber | WaterColor