About Cindy

About Cindy

Cindy Moskovitz, publisher and editor of Sunsets of 30A, has done many things over the course of her career—she has been a teacher, a retailer, a marketing director and has always loved playing with words; but this is the first time she has published a book.

Along with her husband, Scott, she owned and operated the landmark retail store in Nashville, Mosko’s and the Muncheonette from 1977-1999.

She and Scott have always appreciated photography. Cindy began going to the sunset most evenings from their home in Seagrove and taking a picture of it. She would post it on social media to many oohs and aahs, and she noticed other people posting their gorgeous 30A sunset images, also.

Then she decided it would be a great thing for these photographers and their images to get a broader exposure and decided to do this book. It has been a labor of love—she loves photography, 30A and the sunsets!

She and her husband spend their time between Nashville and Seagrove Beach.

The book was designed by Colleen Duffley Productions
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
​Printed in the USA
Boyd Bros. Inc., Panama City, FL​

   Nature’s palette strengthens our connection to the land and each other – on Grayton Beach afternoons.

~Ginger Jackson Sinton | Grayton Beach

   I’m always rewarded with the beauty of the Gulf while walking my Opal, but this was an added pleasure.

~Joey McKenna | Dune Allen

   A 30A sunset and a glass of wine can be a much needed mini-vacation in itself!

~Jennifer Hamor | Inlet Beach